Community Plot

Our community plot is planted, maintained, and harvested by volunteers, under the direction of the community plot coordinator. YCG raises about 4000 pounds of organic vegetables each year. We donate all our produce for people in need in our community, including Yarmouth Community Food Pantry, three senior housing complexes, and Lunch Crunch.

We always need and enthusiastically welcome volunteers. If you’d like to dig in and join us, we’d love to have you. Volunteers are needed for prepping, planting, tending, weeding, watering and harvesting in the community plot and children’s garden throughout the season. Everyone is welcome. No gardening experience is needed.

Please email or call: Denise Compton or Wendy Barmore if you would like to volunteer or have any questions or concerns.

Volunteering opportunities:

  • In April and early May, we need a hand getting the garden ready for plots and planting.
  • Around Memorial Day, we need lots of help planting seeds and seedlings in the community plot and children’s garden.
  • Through the growing season, we always need help with weed management, mulching and extra hand watering.
  • In July and August, we need volunteers on Thursdays to help at Garden Explorers’ Camp. Please reach out to Christine Slader if you are interested.
  • We appreciate any help from 8 AM-noon on our Tuesday, and Saturday morning work-days. We harvest and prepare produce for delivery, along with plot maintenance, weeding, and various other chores in the community plot and children’s garden.
  • And fall clean-up in the garden always calls for volunteer hands.
  • Lots of non-gardening help is needed, too: mowing, carpentry, painting, artistic talent, fundraising and Harvest Dinner auction help is appreciated.
  • Guest lecturing on garden-related topics is welcome.
  • Produce donations are always welcome on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, if you have extra from your home garden.
Gardeners at community garden harvest display, Yarmouth, ME, USA

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